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Sun Catcher

Our materials come from all over the world to make your home the most special and amazing. 

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We also offer custom design services! Contact us in our contact page for more information

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All of our products are handmade

Each curtain is handmade by our team with love, compassion and positive energy. You can also custom your order! for more information go to our contact page


33 beads collection

Our 33 Beads Prayer bracelet, style is handmade by us using natural stone

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Gemstone bracelets

Our high quality gemstone bracelets are handmade with love by Migiroff. 

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Silver Jewelry Sets

Our collection of high quality jewelry sets made with real pearls ,silver and gold import all the way from Jerusalem

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Natural Stones

All of our product made with real natural products

Real Gold and Silver

We use real high-quality Gold and Silver for all of our products


All of our product are made with love by the MIgiroff team

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Welcome to “Migiroff” – the world of natural jewelry. Migiroff is a Canadian own brand, located in Ottawa, Ontario. We are glad to welcome you to our store of custom-made designer jewelry that is crafted especially for you.

Our mission

Our mission is to sell high-quality handmade jewelry and accessories in America and be a reliable place to shop for customers that love natural gemstones and looking to buy quality pieces.

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